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“We're not pawns of some scripted fate. I believe we're more. Much more... There's something between us all. Something that keeps us together... Like...invisible ties, connecting us.”


(( Independent RP blog for Rufure (a.k.a My Unit/Avatar) from Fire Emblem Awakening. Mostly artworks and RP stuff.. SFW mainly. May have little wordly NSFW =.=". I own nothing during RP/posting thing.))


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RP Condition: Post Awakening/Second Ending. Multiship supported. Allow crossover ships.
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"Good evening Lord Chrom." The tactician smiled faintly when she addressed him after his departure. "It's good to see you again."

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"Good to see you as well Rufure."

"How was your departure?" She looked at him asking about it. To her thinking, her Lord was the priority, a very best comrade that she vows to protect.

"I hope the soldiers did well in protecting you?"

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Our characters can only see black and white but when meet their soulmate the world suddenly gains color. Send ♡ for my characters reaction to having the world gain color when they bump into your muse.


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Claimed //Second bomb XD

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13. A kitten

“‘Ere, catch.” Rawrgna grunts, tossing a kitten the stranger’s way. (Raygna is too busy crying in the corner to notice the fluffy animal being given away.)


And no one ate dinner that night

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"You know. Being in Kagutauchi isn't so bad... Especially the place they called Hanging Garden"

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"Its not bad nor is it great kid, just wait till ya meet the NOL and get the know the place."

"NOL? Those people with blue uniform? They just caught me because they thought I am the Grim Reaper’s sister or something."
"By the way, who is the Grim Reaper?"

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meme; things I like to know about rp partners


I came up with this based on things I love to know about RP partners! ;; Feel free to reblog and fill in your own answers-- or don't. Shh. Love me. 


               FILL IN: 

I like to be called: Rei-kun
My favorite color is: Cold colors of the color wheel XD
Gender: Female
One thing you should know about me: One who easily gets bored a lot and always being random everytime she wants. Huehuehue. Still I am a good girl. And I like to draw a lot whenever I have time. Oh and can I have duriaaaaaaaaaan XD
One thing you should know about my muse: Rufure isn’t any kind of cold-hearted girl. She can be friendly and can talk with anyone, as long as they are good and she feels trusting them. She is an adventurous one as she can go any places and can manages quite well.
First language: Vietnamese >;3


Age range: under 13 | 14-17 | 18-22 | 23-25 | 26-29 | 30+
Am I okay with NSFW?: Yes | No | Sometimes (depends)
I have: one | more than one muse(s).  
My favorite/most common thing to RP is: angst | fluff  | smut | crack | other | any
OC friendly?: Yes | No | Depends
RP blog: does | doesn’t contain OOC posts.

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"Um…. hello? Whoever you are?"

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"I am getting bored already. Anyone want to have something?"

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